Leif Sporck Tile Art

With over 500 unique designs, the mission of Spørck Tileart is to make ceramic tiles like no one else. To push the limits of ceramic tile art in our own unique style. Nature and life in The-Great-Out-Doors is what inspires our work.

Spørck Tileart was founded in 2001 by Leif Spørck. Leif is the son of two artists. Having grown up in Leelanau County, Michigan, with a ceramic studio and and gallery in his backyard, it was discovered that no formal artistic education was needed to start this business, because his skills were inherent having first played with clay from the age of 1.

With a close bloodline to Norway. Leif thinks that it might be his Viking ancestors that graced him with the ability to carve designs in clay, but it may also have been influced by a lifetime spent in Leelanau County.
Spørck Tileart has produced 10000's of tiles since 2001. What you need to know about our tiles is that they can be used for virtually anything. They can be installed in an indoor/outdoor tile project and used as accents, they can be used as spoon rests or hot plates, and most commonly they are used as treasures...small paintings that are affordable, handmade, original, and can be displayed for all to see on a stand, hung on a wall using a nail, or just stilling on a desk like a paper weight.