Sleeping Bear Trading Company LLC. is a Michigan Licensed Alcohol Wholesaler based in Leelanau County- Serving all of Michigan.
Dangling hops

Sleeping Bear Trading Company is always in pursuit of Michigan's finest ingredients and delectables. Our hope is to bring the finest delectables into the hands of artisans who create culinary and beverage masterpieces.

Our specialities include:

Michigan native herbalism

Organic Michigan maple syrup

Organic Michigan hops

Organic Michigan hard cider apples

Our family has been researching and growing cherries for decades and in 2011 we planted over 540 hard cider apple trees in Leelanau County, Michigan of French and English origin.

Since 2009 we have been growing and experimenting with organic Michigan hops currently with over forty different varietals planted.  Commercial planting will begin 2014 also in Leelanau County.

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